Small English Town OVERRUN by spiders – OMG!


Imagine waking up one morning to find your small English town overrun by spiders.

Judith and Thomas Charnley woke up on Halloween morning on their sheep farm in a small English town to find the entire area overrun with spiders and spiderwebs. Countless spiders had spun giant webs more than 30 feet across the stone wall of the road that runs through their sheep farm in Trawden, East Lancashire.

giant spider webs

As you can see from the above photo, there were literally thousands of spiders clinging to the massive spider webs.

giant spider webs

The spider webs stretched into the distance along walls, spanning roads and gates as well.



The suspected culprit in this is thought to be Dictyna arundinacea, a species that can be found throughout the U.K.


Dictyna arundinacea is a species of spider belonging to the family Dictynidae. It has a holarctic distribution; It is found throughout Britain and northern Europe.

The body length excluding legs is about 2 to 3.5 mm, the females being slightly larger than the males. The carapace is dark brown. The head is covered with five rows of white hairs. The abdomen has a pattern of white hairs with a gap in the cardiac region and at the rear. The legs are brownish yellow.

D. arundinacea normally builds webs in the dried heads of plants and on gorse and heather, but they can build on walls and other objects.

It is thought that the relatively warmer weather than normal was the cause of the spiders laying excessive amounts of eggs, and when these hatched there was a massive explosion in the local spider population. This small English town was overrun by spiders

giant spider webs spider5

While I don’t really have a phobia for spiders, I don’t think I would like to wake up one morning to find these giant spider webs hanging around my home with all these spiders looking at me with all their little eyes….

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